Black Design Collective Creative Center


The Black Design Collective Creative Center will target the following groups of individuals to participate in the programming offered.

1. Black Design Collective Members: BDC’s membership is comprised of experience and up and coming designers, affiliate members (models, stylists, photographers, graphic artists, patter makers etc.) who provide services to designers and students. Members will be invited to participate in programming in both in person and virtually. Currently Black Design Collective has a membership base of 267 members who participate in BDC Programming from throughout the United States.

2. College Students: Black Design Collective will open the Creative Center up to students currently enrolled in a fashion program at a recognized college, university or trade school.

3. Designers in Start Up Phase: We will support designers who are in the process of starting their brands and businesses, Assisting them with entering the marketplace and future scaling up of their business.

An overarching goal of the creative center will provide programming that increases entrepreneur skill sets within the design community will providing career exploration and technology training which will allow participants to be competitive in the marketplace.

Each year, we will select a diverse range of dedicated designers, who are focused on taking their vision to the next level, to participate in the Black Design Collective Creative Center designers-in- residence program. Our dynamic workshop-centered program connects them with the education, resources, connections, and business strategies necessary to grow their brands. We tap into our network of production pros, business buffs, marketing mavens, and entrepreneurial experts to guide these talented designers to their goals, step-by-step. Our active membership community will stay connected through virtual and onsite programming and events. True-to-fashion-form, these areas are tailored to the needs and goals of the selected designers. Programming includes but is not limited to


An immersive course covering the full spectrum of business objectives: Business Development

Merchandising Sales / Distribution Legal

Public Relations Marketing Manufacturing Fashion Technology Sustainable Fashion


Black Design Collective mentors are essential to furthering our mission because they guide Creative Center participants through the process of building, launching, and growing a successful fashion brand. Black Design Collective Creative Center mentors are industry experts who are determined to make meaningful, strategic relationships with accelerator members. A team of mentors supports our designers during the course of their residency, serving as a sounding board and advising designers on the development of their business and professional skills, along with design collection feedback.


Business owners share their buying, pricing and merchandising strategies. Our designers present samples from their collections, leading to sales opportunities.


An onsite retail shop at the Incubator allow participating designers to showcase and sell their clothing and accessory lines.


Field trips give our designers the opportunity to attend wholesale trade shows, national press conferences, and to meet with industry.


Pop-up shops, fashion shows, trunk shows and other special events increase our designers’ exposure and provide them with valuable opportunities to showcase and sell their work.

Fashion Technology

Education on the latest, state of the art fashion technology is proven to transform fashion businesses . The Black Design Collective Creative Center will partner with some of today’s leading fashion technology companies to implement education and training programs on the use of the technology, both software and hardware. Education will be provided in the following areas:

  • Pattern making software with advanced functionality and process engineering to empower accurate pattern building, bespoke grade rules, and marker nesting for every style conceived.
  •  Pattern Blocks
  • Computerized marking & grading
  • Graphic design integration
  • CAD
  • Cutting Plotter
  • 3D Design
  • Laser Cutter
  • Custom virtual models
  • 3D asset library