Devin Mercadel Headshot

Devin Mercadel is an African-American audio/visual artist, raised between South Los Angeles and South Texas. His art is multipurpose and expressed in various forms: canvas, aluminum and acrylic print, clothing, furniture and music, among other mediums.

Mercadel approaches his craft as a form of meditation. Each piece, down to each line, shape and brush stroke, is meticulously designed with intention and feeling. The triangle is Mercadel’s signature shape, it can be found in almost every aspect of his work and is meant to evoke the interconnection between mind, body and soul. His greatest desire is to inspire humanity through art. Each pattern and print is heavily influenced by Mercadel’s life experiences thus far, as he continues to connect the dots of his own journey with his local community and culture. But ultimately, he leaves the interpretation of each body of work to the viewer: “It’s what YOU make it.”

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