John Street, founder of JIV Designs, is a jewelry designer based in Los Angeles. John creates one-of-a-kind hand made pieces for men and women. His designs incorporate freehand metal work, precious metals, and semi-precious stones.

Prior to launching his company, John worked in the fashion industry with high-end clothing for many years, and through that he ventured out into becoming a stylist. After finding that it was difficult to find jewelry for his male clients, he started creating his own. As women started seeing the jewelry he was designing for men, they started buying the pieces for themselves. Recognizing a new business opportunity, John then developed a more focused women’s line. Since then, his line has developed in ways he could have never imagined.

John travels all over the country following the jazz circuit and also works with many private clients and personal stylists in the entertainment industry. He is now fortunate enough to be able to thrive doing what he loves, and the most rewarding part is seeing the smiles on the faces of his clients when they wear his pieces.

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