Michele Walden McPhee Headshot

MooreMichi designer, Michele Walden Mcphee from Queens, NY, specializes in women’s contemporary knitwear. Michele creates “Knits to Fit,” complementing the full figure or slight frame, thus making a unique statement for all women. Her slogan is “You’re not going into a store to Fit the Knit, the Knit is made to Fit You!”

MooreMichi’s goal is to change the perception of knitwear. Michele doesn’t create your grandma’s knits, but constructs modern knitwear that is funky, sophisticated, sexy and chic. Whether it’s a customized one-of-a-kind or limited edition piece, MooreMichi knitwear is the perfect on-the-go, all-season fashion collection.

Fashion designer Michele Walden Mcphee and models wearing MooreMichi collection


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