Ricci Bostick, a multi-talented creative residing in Los Angeles, California, embraces her identity as a Black lesbian woman from Texas, recognizing that not everyone has the privilege to express themselves authentically. Her vision for her brand, Common Loons, is to establish a platform that celebrates diversity while challenging conventional design and marketing approaches through clothing.

Common Loons is a gender-fluid apparel company with a malleable approach. The company’s collection of versatile suits and accessories aligns with their mission to promote positive environmental impact, self-expression, and inclusivity. With considerations for age, culture, ability, and size, the company strives to create clothing that resonates with a diverse audience. Each piece and accessory is designed for adaptability, encouraging individuality and cyclical fashion. Common Loons’ commitment to minimizing environmental harm drives the company to reduce waste and surplus materials, repurpose excess stock, and collaborate with like-minded businesses.

At 28 years of age, Ricci is a self-taught designer who blends her diverse background and skill set into the fabric of her business. She exhibits a fervent desire to explore and incorporate various creative mediums into her brand. With degrees from both Hampton University and New York University, Ricci possesses a wealth of knowledge in brand architecture, creative direction, and digital design. She currently serves as an interactive designer at Vans, crafting immersive digital ecosystems and experiences for the iconic footwear brand.


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