Shelley Johnson II is an artist, designer, creative director, and curator. Hailing from Chino, California, Shelley has spent his career exploring his love of visual arts in various forms. One of his proudest achievements is as an award-winning director for his short film, The Floating Koto.

Currently, Shelley is primarily focused on shaping the direction of the anime streetwear brand, The Dojo District | Anime House. Under his guidance as creative director, the company has achieved some amazing feats, including hosting a panel at San Diego Comic Con and rolling out three capsule collections.

Shelley’s passion, however, runs much deeper than fashion and design. He is all about uplifting little-known artists of color. He plans to work tirelessly to create fashion houses, art galleries, and schools that can act as platforms for these talented creatives to tell their stories and express their unique perspectives.

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