Tammy WilkersonHill-Fisher Headshot

Tammy WilkersonHill-Fisher is the owner of Curiositeej, LLC, a conglomeration of doll-related projects. Tammy is honored to join the Black Design Collective (BDC), though her experiences differ from most members. She is a doll professional whose goal is to increase Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Empathy (DEIE) within the global doll arena.

Additionally, Tammy is an artist, writer, and member of many organizations, including the New Mexico African American Artists’ Guild, the Professional Doll Makers Artist Guild, and the International Art Doll Registry. Her motivations for joining BDC are to learn more about how Black culture and design impact doll spaces. As a doll professional, Tammy wears many hats including doll store owner, podcaster, artist, and writer/editor. She would love to collaborate with designers on projects that celebrate DEIE & Blackness in doll-adjacent spaces.

Tammy is also a wife and mother. Her pronouns are she/her.


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